Membership Information

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Lamda recognizes its responsibility to nurture the success of individual members, thereby contributing to the economic, social and political well-being of the LGBTQ and the community at large. It is the goal of Lambda to maintain an environment of success for individual members through networking, support, and development. 

The Las Vegas Lambda Business Association strives to recognize, promote and improve the (LGBTQ) owned or supportive business community whenever possible. 

To that end, members should strive to honor the Lambda Business Association Code of Ethics.

Membership Dues and General Information: 

All applications and certifications are subject to approval by the Lambda Board of Directors.


Membership Level Annual Dues
Business Membership $200/year
Additional Member-Owned Business $100/year
Associate Membership $85/year per person
Community Partner Membership $50/year
Non-Member Category LGBTQ-not-for-profts


Business Memberships

For members who intend to network in the organization and to have a listing in the Lambda Smart Pages Directory and on the Lambda online directory.

The business may designate an individual to represent them. If an individual purchases the membership, that person shall be the representative. Membership shall be deemed to belong to the person who, or business that, funds the membership.

Business Membership includes voting privileges. If the membership fees are funded by an individual and not the business, the membership can be transferred if that individual changes businesses or employment. A Business Membership can have up to three Associate Memberships if those Associates work for, or are employed at, the same business or is the spouse or registered domestic partner of the person representing the Business Membership. 

Additional Member Owned Business

Same as Regular Membership (except for voting) for a member-owned additional business. 

NOTE: Whether you are joining as a new member, or are presently a regular member, and you ALSO wish to join as an additional member-owned business, please fill out and submit a SEPARATE membership application form for your additional member-owned business. 

Associate Membership

For those who already work for or with a Regular Business Member, or who are individuals who do not represent a business or organization. This level of membership provides the opportunity to network with the organization and support the LGBTQ community. For Associate Members who work for a business or organization, a listing under the Business Member will be included in the Lambda website and print directory. Associate members who do not represent a business or organization will receive a separate listing on the website and in the Lambda Directory under Community Builders. Associate Membership includes voting privileges and the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors. 

Community Partner Membership

A community group, which may consist of a social, educational, political, spiritual or other type of organization which has the intended purpose of improving the LGBTQ community, may join Lambda by purchasing a Community Partner Membership. Upon joining, one member of the organization will be designated as a representative and will have full voting privileges. Community Memberships may purchase up to three additional Associate Memberships but will have no voting privileges. 

Non-Member Category | LGBTQ-specific Community Organizations

LGBTQ-Specific, not-for-profit and community-based organizations or groups: If financially unable to purchase a Community Membership, a fee waiver may be requested from the Board of Directors. If granted, this would entitle the group to a free listing on the Lambda website. Space permitting, Lambda may include such members in the Lambda Smart Pages (print directory). This is limited to LGBTQ-specific organizations or groups. Requests should be addressed via email to: with "Lambda not-for-profit" in the subject line. 

Second Year Renewal Dues

All Lambda memberships are calendar year based (January 1 through December 31). Renewal dues are payable when invoiced. Second-year renewal dues are a pro-rated portion of the yearly dues for each quarter year the member was a member in the year they joined. Here are the pro-rated second-year renewal dues: 

  • Joined and paid dues between January 1 and March 31 - 3/4 of annual membership dues 
  • Joined and paid dues between April 1 and June 30 - 1/2 of annual membership dues 
  • Joined and paid dues between July 1 and September 30 - 1/4 of annual membership dues 
  • Joined and paid dues between October 1 and December 31 - no second-year renewal dues 

The Membership Application and More Membership Information 
Please completely fill in (as appropriate) and submit the membership application form. 

Payment can be made by check, credit card or PayPal. After you submit your application, you can select the payment method you prefer.