Lambda Business Association Releases New Brand Identity

Press Release

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April 11, 2018 —Las Vegas, NV— Lambda Business Association, the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce of Southern Nevada since 1991, has updated its brand identity. The refreshed, contemporary logo maintains the organization’s heritage and expands the realm of influence.

The new brand identity encapsulates four key elements: the Lambda name and symbol, the state of Nevada, a rainbow spectrum bar, and a refreshed tagline.

Known locally as simply "lambda," the new brand features a silhouette of the Silver State embossed with the namesake Greek letter lambda.

A rainbow spectrum underscores the name and identifies the organization as an LGBTQ brand. 

The new tagline, "The LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce of Southern Nevada" expands the diversity of the organization. Over the years, the inclusiveness of the chamber has grown from gay & lesbian, to encompass bisexual and transgender individuals. The addition of Q aligns with the addition of "queer," a term once considered derogatory but now embraced by Millenials, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals. The chamber also expands its scope to Southern Nevada to represent the growing acceptance of LGBTQ across the region, beyond Las Vegas and into Henderson and unincorporated Clark County.

Retaining the Lambda name and heritage was an important component of the re-design, as well as a colorful rainbow stripe representing the diversity of the LGBTQ community. Since the early 70’s, the Lambda symbol has been the international symbol for gay and lesbian rights worldwide. The historical Lambda symbol, adopted by the International Gay Rights Congress in 1974, has lost recognition in recent years in favor of the iconic rainbow flag.

The new branding debuted across the organization's website and social media today.