Frank Hermann

Board of Directors and Secretary

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Frank Hermann is an airport planning engineer with fifty years of experience in the central and western Pacific. He was born and raised on Long Island, New York.  His home was just a few miles outside New York City and often went into the Big Apple.  He earned a teaching degree at East Stroudsburg State Teachers College, Pennsylvania, and then spent a few years as a youth program director.   He earned a civil engineer degree at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.   It was there that he received his Phi Beta Kappa Key and also the Tau Beta Pi engineering membership.  He joined the Bureau of Public Roads, now the Federal Highway Administration, as an engineer trainee and earned a master degree in Planning at the University of Pennsylvania.  He transferred to the Federal Aviation Administration in Honolulu, Hawaii, as Airport Planning Engineer, then joined the Ralph M Parsons Company working on projects throughout Hawaii, the Pacific islands and Taiwan.  He retired and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada as a part-time consultant and tourist.  Leo A Daly, his current employer, hired him in 2005 for more work on projects in the Pacific.   

His early work included facility planning and design at Honolulu International Airport and he was heavily involved in the planning, design, and construction of the Reef Runway, one of the first offshore runways in the world.  Other Hawaii work included the study and conceptual plan for the Keahole Airport on Hawaii Island and numerous planning and design projects throughout the State.   He prepared the initial concept plans and pavement designs for the Tayouan airport near Taipei, Taiwan.  At Guam International Airport he participated in the initial planning and coordination with the US Navy and for over thirty years the terminal and apron planning and designs.  He prepared a regional master plan for airports in the Micronesian area then known as the Trust Territory of the Pacific as well as individual plans and designs for several runways throughout the territory.  More recently he prepared maintenance and construction plans for several of the airports in Micronesia and Hawaii. 

Beginning in high school and through colleges, Frank became a stage technician working initially with volunteer theatres, then obtaining stagehand union membership.  His major work was as a lighting designer in the years before the use of moving fixtures and complex computer-driven equipment. His lighting designs received three Hawaii statewide awards   He still uses this skill as a volunteer with a group in California that provides weekend gatherings for men.  He also works with other volunteer organizations locally.        

Frank was fired by the US Government in 1970 for being gay.  Having been outed, he became active in the early gay movement, helping to establish the Gay Metropolitan Community Church in Hawaii and other community activities.  When he moved to Las Vegas he became active in the The Center and Lambda Business Association.