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Alex Schechter | Frank Marino | Divas Las Vegas

You won't believe your eyes, these gals are really guys! Featuring an all star cast of superstar female impersonators. Shows Nightly at The Quad.

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Alex Schechter

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4090 E Post Road Loft D102 Las Vegas NV 89120

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(702) 617-9219

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This 75 minute energetic show stars Las Vegas's longest running headliner Frank Marino as comic icon Joan Rivers and an all star cast of superstar female impersonators not only recreating but almost duplicating uncanny likenesses of stars that range from Britney Spears to Cher and Diana Ross to Beyonce even Madonna and Dolly Parton have been known to stop by.

Meanwhile in his role as the show's emcee and star, Marino changes between every act bringing an international whirlwind of couture to the stage with each bravura entrance.

Marino always knew he would become a star, even as a small child, growing up in New York. What he didn't realize was that he'd have to be dressed up in glittering Bob Mackie gowns, and strapped into towering Manolo Blahnik stilettos to do so. And that's before he gets into his makeup, wigs and jewelry! The ladder of success was even harder to climb wearing high heels! Marino wittily quips.

Like a fine wine, Frank Marino keeps getting better with age. After 25 years as the star of "An Evening at La Cage", and never at a loss for words, Marino is an accomplished author, newscaster, columnist, spokesperson, and America's favorite male actress. His first book, His Majesty, the Queen, was an immediate bestseller as well as his movie debut in the film Miss Congeniality 2 where he can be seen co-starring alongside Sandra Bullock being a blockbuster hit. Not to mention his award winning guest starring role in the hit Off Broadway play "Tony N Tina's Wedding."

Also dear to his heart, is that, the Mayor of Las Vegas proclaimed February 1st, to be "Frank Marino Day" and now the name Frank Marino is forever immortalized with a star along the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, he also has a key to the city, and a street bearing his name (Frank Marino Drive).

From the moment he steps on stage you realize that there is no other entertainer like Frank Marino. It's not just his campy voice, his smoothly electric performance, or even his impeccable selection of clever comedy material. It's his energy, which of course is the key to putting on any live show. And in the case of Frank Marino, Niagara Falls could take lessons.

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